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+ At what point of time in the process does a Merchant Banker need to be appointed and what is its role in the open offer process?
+ What is a letter of offer? Does SEBI approve the draft Letter of Offer?
+ How do I find the status of the draft letter of offer filed with SEBI?
+ What are the disclosures required under the Public Announcement?
+ What are the disclosures required under the Detailed Public Statement?
+ What are the disclosures required under the Letter of offer?
+ Is the financial disclosure standard as outlined in the Format for Detailed Public Statement (DPS) to the Shareholders of the Target Company (TC) in terms of Regulation 15(2) in point I(A) applicable to PACs too since the above clause refers just to the A
+ If an acquirer enters into a SPA and triggers an open offer, when can the acquirer acquire shares proposed to be transferred under the SPA?
+ What is the role of the target company in the open offer process?
+ What are the modes of payment under the open offer?
+ Can an acquirer withdraw the open offer once made?
+ If post open offer the shareholding of the acquirer goes beyond the maximum permissible non public shareholding limit, can the acquirer immediately make a delisting offer in terms of Delisting Regulations?
+ I was not holding shares on the identified date but acquired shares subsequently. Am I eligible to participate in the open offer?
+ How will shareholder of the target company know that an open offer is made by the acquirer?
+ For how many days is an open offer required to be kept open?
+ How do I get the Letter of Offer and tender my shares under the open offer?
+ What are the documents that the shareholders should go through before tendering their shares pursuant to the open offer?
+ Do I need to convert my physical shares into demat before tendering in the open offer?
+ Can I withdraw or revise my tender?
+ Can I tender my shares after the closure of the tendering period?

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