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+ I hold shares which are partly paid-up. Can I tender these shares in the open offer?
+ When will the shareholder receive (i) intimation about acceptance/ rejection of his shares tendered under the open offer or (ii) consideration for shares accepted by the acquirer?
+ What happens if regulatory approvals are delayed?
+ If the payment is delayed beyond 10 working days of the closure of the tendering period (closure of open offer), will the acquirer be required to compensate the public shareholders who have participated under the offer?
+ Whom do I approach if I have any grievance in respect of the open offer delay in receipt of consideration / unaccepted shares etc.?
+ Where can an investor get more information related to the SAST Regulations, 2011?
+ What are the disclosures (other than the ones given in PA/ DPS/ Letter of offer for the open offer) required to be made in terms of SAST Regulations, 2011, by whom, when and to whom?
+ How to compute trigger limits specified above for disclosures.
+ Whether promoters are required to disclose details of arrangements which place encumbrances on shares like lock-in stipulations, non- disposal undertaking, right of first refusal etc?
+ If the shares of the holding company of a target company are pledged, whether the same would be covered under disclosures of “Encumbered shares” by promoters of the Target Company?
+ Whether furnishing of a Non Disposal Undertaking (NDU) by promoters to the lenders would be covered under disclosures of “Encumbered shares” by promoters of the Target Company?
+ What happens if the Acquirer / Target Company / Merchant Banker or the Manager to the open offer violates the provisions of the SAST Regulations, 2011?
+ What is the procedure for a company or an intermediary in case it needs clarification or an interpretation of some provisions of SAST Regulations, 2011?
+ What is the manner in which the acquirer decides the acceptances from each shareholder?

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