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SEBI Takeover Code – Let make this as best Takeover Law of the World

Through, we have endeavored to develop a platform that provides you an opportunity to drive law-makers, in developing the law as per the requirements of those who have to comply with it. With this spirit, Share Your Views section aims at affording a facility to our users to share their issues and suggestions regarding SEBI Takeover Code so that the collective suggestions and proposals could be represented before the regulatory authorities and the law is amended according to the needs of the hour. Therefore, with this platform, we have undertaken the responsibility to make SEBI Takeover Code as the Best Takeover Law of the World, with the help of our users.

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Mon Oct 5 2009 Issues in Takeover code
The definition of shares needs a reconsideration to deal with the cases where the voting rights have more...
Mon Oct 5 2009 Issues in Takeover code
Promoter And Promoter Group
One standard definition of promoter should be given which will be applicable for the entire SEBI Tak more...
Wed Sep 30 2009 Issues in Takeover code
Disclosure of pledged Shares
It is not clear whether the disclosures under regulation 8A (4) is to be made at the end of each qua more...
Fri Sep 18 2009 Suggestion for New provision
The increase in the shareholding pursuant to the buyback or forfeiture should be automatically exemp more...
Fri Sep 18 2009 Interpretative confusions
The term acquirer needs to be redefined. At present, the definition of the acquirer given in SEBI Ta more...
Fri Sep 18 2009 Suggestion for New provision
The Banks/FIs in general course of business acquires the shares of the company as pledgee which is e more...
Fri Sep 18 2009 Issues in Takeover code
The term promoter has been defined in three places:
1.1. In regulation 2
1.2. In regulation 3
1.3 more...
Tue Sep 15 2009 Issues in Takeover code
Whether the increase in threashold limit of 15% as specified will anyway prejudice the interest of s more...
Tue Sep 15 2009 Issues in Takeover code
Whether increase in the Threashold limit with regard to Regulation 10 from 15% to 25% is in the ben more...
Fri Sep 11 2009 Interpretative confusions
The Company has acquired preference shares in the target company leading to 6% . Whether the acquire more...
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