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Exemptions from Open Offer

SEBI Takeover Regulations contains provisions as to Exemption from Open Offer by making an application to Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). According to these provisions, where, on an acquisition of shareholding or control over a Company, any acquirer is obligated to make public announcement of offer and he is not subject to automatic exemption of offer, he can make an application to SEBI for grant of exemption having regard to the special circumstances of its case.

In this regard, we have attained the trusted position and proven expertise to procure Takeover exemption in various cases. Our offerings in this arena consist of following:

  • Analysis and understanding of the facts and circumstances of the case;
  • Structuring of the case before making an application for exemption;
  • Finalization of Grounds of Exemption in consultation with Client;
  • Drafting of Exemption Application;
  • Making Presentation before the SEBI Officials;
  • Explaining them the case and the facts and eventualities;
  • Meetings with the SEBI Officials, alongwith Company personnel, if required;
  • Personal Appearance before the Committee, if required;
  • Personal Appearance before the Panel, if required;
  • Handling of all further queries & correspondence with SEBI;
  • Submission of replies to Queries received from SEBI;
  • Follow-up with SEBI for procurement of order;
  • Any other task, as may be necessary, for procurement of Exemption Application.

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